Argo (2012)


Quick Summary:

Argo is what some would call a ‘political thriller’ with all the right elements that any movie in this style has to have. Namely: a lower middle class but smart American hero with a crazy plan that just might work! In this film, Ben Affleck plays a CIA agent that sneaks six American embassy workers out of Iran during the Iran Hostage Crisis of ’79. He does so by having them impersonate a Hollywood film crew for a fake movie. Yes, rest assured, there are plenty of references in the movie to the ‘fakeness’ of Hollywood. Ben really made sure we got that genius joke. So you can imagine the rest of this film; people slamming telephones in CIA buildings, Ben Affleck going rogue, many many thrills, etc.

Feeling: crazy suspense!

I have to say I enjoyed this movie. I think what made me like it, and what surprised me about this film, was the contrast between the dramatic and the banal. The movie plays with the silliness of pretending to be a fake film crew shooting a fake science fiction movie in the middle of a real political conflict. This polarity makes for an incredibly tense film which distills to the purest entertainment. Then you have Ben Affleck throwing in the simple CIA agent with an american flag in his front lawn from Boston that puts it all on the line for America and we have an Oscar movie. But I knew what I was going to get, and within that I was satisfied with the outcome.

True Facts: nothing special.

This movie is not that impressive. While it is entertaining, especially the incredibly tense airport scenes that we can all relate to, I didn’t see anything special in this film. Sure, Ben’s Oscar acceptance speech was touching and cute. But I can’t imagine this being the best movie of the year. One day hifplix will have its own incredibly prestigious and hip award show. Of course the movie is very well produced, it will be forgotten as just another american hero thriller. Still worth watching though.

Grade: B+


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