le weekend


For this weekend, I’m going to recommend a couple of netflix gems.

1. Good Bye Lenin (2003) – This is a fairly popular movie, but if you haven’t seen it, it is definitely a must. It is a quirky and entertaining but also emotional story. Very memorable.

2. Mary & Max (2009) – Very touching and amusing film about friendship. There is not much else I can say about this but ‘watch it.’


One response to “le weekend

  1. Thank you for your weekend recommendations…I wish I had followed your advice….instead I went ahead and watched “The Imposter” which I didn’t like that much in the end.
    It is the story of a french man that makes himself pass for an american teen gone missing three years before and how he cheats and makes the authorities in Spain and the US, and even the teens mother and the family, believe it is their missing son.
    The story is recounted by the actual criminal and that gives the drama the unerving feeling.
    But there is a darker hidden secret behind the teens dissapearance…
    Still…didn’t like the movie that much….wish i had followed your advice…

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